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Live at Hamilton – Fish in Beacon, NY


  1. Dazee3

    Well,the event was more successful than expected. We had fun performing in an “unstructured” environment…sometimes, it’s better than planning…the guests surely enjoyed the ambiance and being able to participate in singing, playing “musical apples”, and reliving personal life’s events and social connections. They especially felt involved when they each chose an instrument to play! WOW! The smiles…the joy. I thank “Waiting 4 Sunday”, “Out da’ Pocket”, and my sister (Sandra) and brother (Kevin) for their loving commitment. They want more…Hey Lynn…!

  2. Angelo Moscarello

    Beautiful intimate space floating from music makers and out of the audience, receptive guides rise above the cloud covering of a blue world gone gray throwing down flats, sharps and rests and drum beats, conspiring to render the people’s keep impregnable against the shrill voices from without.


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