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Smooth Jam

disco party up

      Get Lucky -cover song

Reggie on keyboard ,Vocal
Donell on Bass
Chilly on Congas,perc
Glenn on Drums,
Bunch on guitar
Recorded on a Zoom H4 recorder Live at The Shop studio Bronx.NY

      ON BOARDWAY- cover song

Rob on Vocal
Carlos jr on Congas,background vocals
Brytant on Bass
Donell on Drums,
Bunch on guitar
Recorded on a Zoom H4 recorder Live at The Shop studio Bronx.NY


  1. Basseo Wells

    Very nice smooth jams.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hey Basseo

  2. Angelo

    Hey, Donnell on drums, you’re stealing my thunder!


    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks for checking out the website Angelo
      But I’ll be putting some of your drumming on the site soon
      So be ready folks this guy is awesome
      Check back later
      And hope to hear from you again


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