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Waiting 4 Sunday

Description Waiting 4 Sunday , is a Bluesy Rock combo
the Plus Guitarist ,vocal Travis on Drums Dazee on vocal , perc
Donell on Bass




  1. Dazee

    Really enjoyed listening to “Waiting 4 Sunday”,as well as taking the visual
    “trip”. Can’t “wait for” the additional songs to follow…job well done…come out and hear the live versions!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Well thank you for taking the time out for looking at the
      Waiting 4 Sunday video clips, a live video performance Will be
      out soon
      Plus new music will be out too . on CD

  2. chilly drum

    I think it was a pretty good show;and Dazee was at her best as always very good MC and a very good entertainer where ever she preform and himself , Gibby and Kevin


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