Screenshot_2015-07-07-03-52-38by Donell Gibson </>


I’m looking here I’m looking there

Looking for that is .

What is “that” I think it’s the fine line at a DMZ where one side is want’s the other side is need’s

But Looking is emptiness if meaning and thoughts is not behind it.

I know the Quest must proceed , Desire is the fuel that drives this Dream of searching

This looking must find its goal

The Path is the light

I’m looking for I must find its meaning

The Path is the light of being happy

Looking for happiest is a second in the vest ness of time

Like a diamond in a desert of sand

Being happy is having it for s all eternity

To the End

The End means , it’s at that is , at the end of this the ending end ….

By Donell Gibson

More Coming Soon!

Beautiful intimate space floating from music makers and out of the audience, receptive guides rise above the cloud covering of a blue world gone gray throwing down flats, sharps and rests and drum beats, conspiring to render the people’s keep impregnable against the shrill voices from without.

By Angelo Moscarello

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